Artificial Grass for Dogs: Commonly Asked Questions

Artificial grass is rapidly becoming a very popular grass choice for dog and pet owners. There are even various dog parks that are now converting to artificial grass due to the benefits it brings for canines.

In this article, we will be answering the most frequently asked questions about fake grass for dogs.

fake grass for dogs

  1. Is Fake Grass for Dogs Safe?

Absolutely. Our pet-friendly artificial grass is perfect for any pet, including dogs. Fake grass for dogs is far more durable than natural lawns and can endure anything your pet may throw at it. Whether it’s the dog’s paws or claws. Since they cannot dig through the fake grass, it is beneficial for both the dog and your garden as digging is a bad habit for dogs and holes can damage your natural lawn.

  1. Can Dog Urine and Poop Ruin Artificial Grass?

No! Unlike a natural lawn, dog urine and poop will not cause fake grass to die. Some light maintenance of hosing down the affected areas with water would be required to keep any odour away.

artificial grass for dogs

  1. How is Artificial Grass Cleaned?

In terms of cleaning up after pets, it is extremely easy for artificial grass. You will require some water and that’s it. Fake grass is very effective at draining any liquids that aren’t welcome, such as urine. Hosing down these areas is the perfect solution to cleaning up after dogs on fake grass. If you would like more information on how to clean your artificial grass, check out this article.

  1. How to Maintain Fake Grass for Dogs?

Simply hose down any affected areas from dog urine once a week to ensure your grass is free from any odours! In terms of faeces, you can scoop it up and dispose of it accordingly. If you were to use a high-pressure hose, it would be much more effective in keeping your fake grass pristine. Hosing down your fake grass is all the maintenance you will ever need to keep your lawn healthy and clean for your beloved dogs.

  1. Are Fleas and Ticks Able to Live in Artificial Grass?

Unlike a natural lawn, artificial grass doesn’t let insects like fleas and ticks live inside its grass blades. Whilst the guarantee is not 100%, it is much less likely for them to be nested in artificial grass than it is for natural grass. If your fake grass to cleaned regularly, then the chances of fleas and ticks being in them are reduced greatly.

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Artificial grass is a pet-friendly and better solution than a natural lawn. If you like what you’re hearing, start a free and no-obligation online quote today! Alternatively, you can call us on 01908 984200